Helpful Tips
Leaking Air/ Deflating / Soaker Hose/ Blower Shorting Out
Soaker Hose Installation for built in Type.
How to set up Jacobs ladder ?
Watch Video
How to use/ troubleshoot cotton candy machine .
Watch Video
How to start my generator ?
Follow Video
How to make and trouble shoot your popcorn machine
Instructions are in video
Foam Pit Set Up Trouble Shoot
Foam pit not working ? Check brass fitting for suction or clog make sure foam solutions is mixed up in bucket.
How to set up and troubleshoot inflatable
Make Sure All Zippers and Vents are closed
Eletrical Issues
Make Sure the Blower and Cord Ends do not get wet . If So Dry them Out or it will keep tripping the breaker. How to reset breaker and GFCI.
How to set up and Troubleshoot our Dunktank
Make sure on level ground. Liner may leak use tape or patch to prevent. Not Recommended for indoors.